We are fighting to clean up politics, but we can’t do it alone.

With your support we will make sure all Western Australians can have their voice heard in our political process.

Integrity in Government

Trust is missing from WA politics. Currently, the government’s agenda serves the needs of corporations and large donors, not the voters who they should be representing.

Sadly, the decades of relying on large corporate donations has made our leaders greedy and focused on finding more donors, not taking on the issues affecting our society.

The old parties and One Nation lack the courage to take on the corrupting influence of corporate donations.

If we don’t clean up the political process, a handful of very rich people will determine who is representing us.

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The Greens’ are campaigning hard for key reforms:

Fight for donations reform including, bans on political donations from for-profit corporations, and real time declaration of donations over $1000.

Limit Lobbyist powers and influence by expanding the definition of ‘lobbyist’, expanding disclosure requirements and ending the revolving door between politics and big business

Ensure protections for whistleblowers through world leading legislation to ensure that these brave people are protected.

Strengthen Freedom of Information provisions so governments cannot hide bad deals behind commercial-in-confidence or cabinet-in-confidence excuses.

Further investment in the Office for the Information Commissioner. This very necessary part of our democracy is woefully underfunded, allowing Government to get away with dodging questions and hiding behind commercial in confidence, when they should release information in the public’s interest.

Support a national Independent Commission Against Corruption to make sure that there is a clear separation between politics and business

We are fighting to clean up politics, but we can’t do it alone.

The Genuine Alternative

We need leaders with the courage and vision to take action to invest in the new economy and ensure we have affordable and accessible health and education services people need.

From bringing integrity back into government to drug reform to switching from coal to renewables, we will take action to put forward the visionary ideas and courageous solutions WA needs, and the practical steps we need to take to get there, but we can’t do it alone.

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